Syracuse Stars
City: Syracuse, New York
League: IHL (1930–36)
I-AHL (1936–40)
Operated: 1930–1940
Franchise history
1930–1940: Syracuse Stars
1940–1970: Buffalo Bisons
Division Championships: 2: 1935–36, 1936–37
Calder Cups: 1: 1936–37

The Syracuse Stars were a minor professional ice hockey team from Syracuse, New York, existing for 10 season from 1930 to 1940. The Stars name had previously been used by sports teams, including the Syracuse Stars baseball team from the 19th century.


In 1930, the Hamilton Tigers International Hockey League (IHL) franchise was purchased and transferred to Syracuse to become the Syracuse Stars. The Stars hockey team played their first six seasons in the IHL from 1930 to 1936, and then in the International-American Hockey League from 1936 to 1940.

The first five seasons for the Stars did not produce any championships, however the Stars won the IHL's regular season East Division in 1935–36 during their sixth season.

During the 1936–37 season in the I-AHL, Syracuse won the F. G. "Teddy" Oke Trophy as West Division champions, and became the first ever Calder Cup champions after beating the Philadelphia Ramblers in the finals. The Stars reached the Calder Cup finals the following season, losing to the Providence Reds.

After four seasons in the I-AHL, the team was acquired by Louis M. Jacobs, owner of Jacob's Concessions, and relocated to Buffalo, New York to play as the Buffalo Bisons.

Season-by-Season ResultsEdit

  • Syracuse Stars 1930–1936 (International Hockey League)
  • Syracuse Stars 1936–1940 (International-American Hockey League)

Regular SeasonEdit

Season Games WonLostTiedPoints Goals
1930–31 48 9345231141717th, IHL
1931–32 4816239411111186th, IHL
1932–33 4423156521361193rd, IHL
1933–34 4419214421141204th, IHL
1934–35 4420204401281183rd, IHL
1935–36 4826193551671301st, East
1936–37 4827165591731291st, West
1937–38 4821207491421223rd, West
1938–39 5426199611521172nd, West
1939–40 5620279491471695th, West


Season1st Round2nd RoundFinals
1930–31 Out of Playoffs
1931–32 Out of Playoffs
1932–33 2nd place tie in double round robin.
1933–34 3rd place tie in double round robin.
1934–35 L, 0-2, Detroit
1935–36 L, 0-3, Detroit
1936–37 ????W, 3-1, Philadelphia
1937–38 ????L, 1-3, Providence
1938–39 Data unavailable
1939–40 Data unavailable

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