Quebec Aces
City: Quebec City, Quebec
League: American Hockey League
Operated: 1928–1971
Home Arena: Quebec Coliseum
Colours: Green, White & Red
Affiliates: Philadelphia Flyers
Franchise history
1928–1971: Quebec Aces
1971–1976: Richmond Robins
Division Championships: 5 (2 QHL, 3 AHL)

The Quebec Aces, also known in French as Les As de Québec, were an amateur and later a professional men's ice hockey team from Quebec City, Quebec. The Aces were founded in 1928, and played until 1971. The team played home games at the Quebec Coliseum from 1930 to 1971.

The Aces were Allan Cup champions in 1944, while still playing as an amateur team. The Aces turned professional the following season, joining the Quebec Senior Hockey League (1944–1953), Quebec Hockey League (1953–1959) and American Hockey League (1959–1971).

The Aces were league champions of the Québec Hockey League in 1953–54 and 1956–57, winning the Thomas O'Connell Memorial Trophy. The Aces challenged for the Edinburgh Trophy both seasons, versus the Western Hockey League champions, losing in 1953–54 versus the Calgary Stampeders, and winning in 1956–67 versus the Brandon Regals.

During the team's later years in the AHL, the Aces were the farm club for the Philadelphia Flyers four seasons from 1967 to 1971, giving the early Flyers teams a strong French-Canadian presence with players such as André Lacroix, Jean-Guy Gendron, Simon Nolet, Serge Bernier and Rosaire Paiement all former Aces. The Flyers also owned the "Junior Aces" team which played in the Québec Junior Hockey League since the 1964–65 season. The Flyers sold the junior team's assets in 1969 to group who founded the Quebec Remparts. In 1971, the Flyers chose to relocate their farm team to Richmond, Virginia. The Aces became the Richmond Robins for the 1971–72 season.

Season-by-Season ResultsEdit

  • 1928–1936 (Quebec City Railway-Paper League)
  • 1936–1944 (Montreal Senior Group, QAHA)
  • 1944–1953 (Quebec Senior Hockey League)
  • 1953–1959 (Quebec Hockey League)
  • 1959–1971 (American Hockey League)

Regular SeasonEdit

Some results unavailable from 1928 to 1944.

Season Games WonLostTiedPoints Goals
1936–37241310 12781583rd, QAHA(MSG)
1937–382212 8 230†61 372nd, QAHA(MSG)
1938–3922 514 315†62 726th, QAHA(MSG)
1939–40301014 62685 856th, QAHA(MSG)
1940–41361912 5431511253rd, QAHA(MSG)
1944–452415 7 232160 892nd, QSHL
1945–46501730 3371491694th, QSHL
1946–47401915 6441591583rd, QSHL
1947–48482320 5511751854th, QSHL
1948–49602232 6501862135th, QSHL
1949–50603522 3732071752nd, QSHL
1950–51603122 7692281952nd, QSHL
1951–52603716 7812301681st, QSHL
1952–5360222612561781976th, QSHL
1953–54723034 8682162124th, QHL
1954–55603127 2652062082nd, QHL
1955–56642337 4501902304th, QHL
1956–57684021 7872261751st, QHL
1957–58642931 4622242334th, QHL
1958–59622133 8501762324th, QHL
1959–60 721951 2401783337th, AHL
1960–61 723039 3632172676th, AHL
1961–62 703036 4642082074th, East
1962–63 72332811772062104th, East
1963–64 724130 1832582251st, East
1964–65 724426 2902802231st, East
1965–66 724721 4983372261st, East
1966–67 723530 7772752493rd, East
1967–68 72332811772772402nd, West
1968–69 74263414662352583rd, West
1969–70 722739 6602212723rd, East
1970–71 72253116662112404th, East

† From 1936–39, Quebec played some 4-point games against Victorias and McGill. 1936-41: Source: Ottawa Citizen


American Hockey League seasons only.

Season1st Round2nd RoundFinals
1959–60 Out of playoffs
1960–61 Out of playoffs
1961–62 Out of playoffs
1962–63 Out of playoffs
1963–64 W, 4-1, Pittsburgh byeL, 0-4, Cleveland
1964–65 L, 1-4, Rochester
1965–66 L, 2-4, Rochester
1966–67 L, 2-3, Baltimore
1967–68 W, 3-2, Buffalo W, 3-1, Providence L, 2-4, Rochester
1968–69 W, 3-2, Cleveland W, 3-2, Providence L, 1-4, Hershey
1969–70 L, 2-4, Buffalo
1970–71 L, 3-4, Springfield

||colspan="2"|Out of playoffs

One game tiebreaker to determine final playoff position.

Other TeamsEdit

The Aces name was revived by a team from the Ligue nord-américaine de hockey from 1997 to 1998, and 2001 to 2003. The team relocated in 2007 and is now known as Pont Rouge Lois Jeans.

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