Philadelphia Ramblers
Ramblers de Philadelphie
City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
League: American Hockey League
Operated: 1935–1941
Home Arena: Philadelphia Arena
Affiliates: New York Rangers
Franchise history
1927–1935: Philadelphia Arrows
1935–1941: Philadelphia Ramblers
1941–1942: Philadelphia Rockets
Regular Season Titles: two: (1932–33, 1935–36)
Division Championships: two: (1936–37, 1938–39)
Playoff Championships: one: (1935–36)

The Ramblers were formerly known as the Philadelphia Arrows from 1927 to 1935 and played in the Canadian-American Hockey League.


The team changed named to the Ramblers for the 1935–36 season. The Canadian American Hockey League merged into the International-American Hockey League in 1936, where the Ramblers competed for another four seasons, before that league became known as the modern-day American Hockey League.

From 1935 through 1941 the team was the primary minor league affiliate of the New York Rangers and many future and aging Ranger stars (such as Bert Gardiner and Larry Molyneux) played for the Ramblers. The Rangers ended the agreement after the 1940–41 season. The team changed its name to the Philadelphia Rockets for the 1941–42 season, which turned out to be their final season.

A notable former member of the 1935–41 Ramblers was Bryan Hextall, Sr., grandfather of future Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ron Hextall.

Season-by-Season ResultsEdit

  • Philadelphia Arrows 1927–1935 (Canadian-American Hockey League)
  • Philadelphia Ramblers 1935–1936 (Canadian-American Hockey League)
  • Philadelphia Ramblers 1936–1940 (International-American Hockey League)
  • Philadelphia Ramblers 1940–1941 (American Hockey League)
  • Philadelphia Rockets 1941–1942 (American Hockey League)

Regular SeasonEdit

Season Games WonLostTiedPoints Goals
1927–28 401325228 791056th, CAHL
1928–29 401221731 60 736th, CAHL
1929–30 4020182411201212nd, CAHL
1930–31 401222630 841084th, CAHL
1931–32 401322531 851145th, CAHL
1932–33 482912765153 951st, CAHL
1933–34 4017158421211013rd, CAHL
1934–35 4815303331221605th, CAHL
1935–36 4827183571511061st, CAHL
1936–37 4826148601491061st, East
1937–38 4826184561341082nd, East
1938–39 5432175692141611st, East
1939–40 5415318381331704th, East
1940–41 5625256561661674th, East
1941–42 5611414261572545th, East


Season1st Round2nd RoundFinals
1927–28 Out of playoffs
1928–29 Out of playoffs
1929–30 Data unavailable
1930–31 Data unavailable
1931–32 Out of playoffs
1932–33 ????L, 2-3, Boston
1933–34 Data unavailable
1934–35 Out of playoffs
1935–36 ????W, 3-1, Providence
1936–37 ????L, 1-3, Syracuse
1937–38 Data unavailable
1938–39 ????L, 1-3, Cleveland
1939–40 Out of playoffs
1940–41 Out of playoffs
1941–42 Out of playoffs