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Marcel Paille (December 8, 1932 - October 7, 2002) was an ice hockey goaltender. Born in Shawinigan Falls, Canada, he was a goaltender in the National Hockey League with the New York Rangers, played briefly for the Philadelphia Blazers in the World Hockey Association and is the owner of numerous AHL career playoff records.

He died of cancer in Quebec City.thumb|400px|right| AHL Hall of Fame induction video for Marcel Paille, Class of 2010.

Awards and AchievementsEdit

  • QJHL Second All-Star Team (1951, 1952, 1953)
  • William Northey Trophy (Top Rookie - QHL) (1956)
  • AHL Second All-Star Team (1957, 1960)
  • AHL First All-Star Team (1959, 1961, 1962)
  • Harry "Hap" Holmes Memorial Award (fewest goals against - AHL) (1961, 1962)
  • WHL Second All-Star Team (1964)


  • Most AHL Games Played by a Goaltender, Career - 765
  • Most AHL Playoff Games Played by a Goaltender, All-Time - 87
  • Most AHL Playoff Wins by a Goaltender, All-Time - 49
  • Longest AHL Playoff Shutout Streak - 207:27
  • Most AHL Playoff Minutes Played, Career - 5,368

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