The 1978 Calder Cup Playoffs of the American Hockey League began on April 11, 1978. The top three teams from each division qualified for the playoffs. The two division winners earned byes for the Division Semifinals while the other two teams in each division played best-of-5 series. The winners played best-of-7 series with the team that received the first round bye in their division. The winners of each Division Final played a best-of-7 series for the Calder Cup. The Calder Cup Final ended on May 15, 1978 with the Maine Mariners defeating the New Haven Nighthawks four games to one to win the Calder Cup for the second time in team history.

Playoff SeedsEdit

After the 1977–78 AHL regular season, the top three teams from each division qualified for the playoffs. The Maine Mariners finished the regular season with the best overall record. The two division champions earned byes to the Division Finals.

Northern DivisionEdit

  1. Maine Mariners - 95 points
  2. Nova Scotia Voyageurs - 90 points
  3. Springfield Indians - 87 points

Southern DivisionEdit

  1. Rochester Americans - 93 points
  2. New Haven Nighthawks - 87 points
  3. Philadelphia Firebirds - 81 points


  Division Semifinals     Division Finals     Calder Cup Final
  Northern Division     1  Maine 4  
  2  Nova Scotia 3     2  Nova Scotia 3    
  3  Springfield 1         N1  Maine 4
      S2  New Haven 1
  Southern Division     1  Rochester 2    
  2  New Haven 3     2  New Haven 4  
  3  Philadelphia 1  

In each round, the team that earned more points during the regular season receives home ice advantage, meaning they receive the "extra" game on home-ice if the series reaches the maximum number of games. There is no set series format due to arena scheduling conflicts and travel considerations.

Division Semifinals Edit

Note: Home team is listed first.


  • Maine Mariners (Northern Division regular-season champions)
  • Rochester Americans (Southern Division regular-season champions)

Northern DivisionEdit

(2) Nova Scotia Voyageurs vs. (3) Springfield Indians Edit

Nova Scotia won series 3 - 1

Southern DivisionEdit

(2) New Haven Nighthawks vs. (3) Philadelphia Firebirds Edit

New Haven won series 3 - 1

Division FinalsEdit

Northern DivisionEdit

(1) Maine Mariners vs. (2) Nova Scotia VoyageursEdit

Maine won series 4 - 3

Southern DivisionEdit

(1) Rochester Americans vs. (2) New Haven NighthawksEdit

New Haven won series 4 - 2

Calder Cup FinalEdit

(N1) Maine Mariners vs. (S2) New Haven NighthawksEdit

Maine won series 4 - 1

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